Emergency and Critical Care Service at UVS

ICU The hospital expansion of Upstate Veterinary Specialties that was envisioned by practice owner, Dr. Aaron Wey, two years ago included the addition of emergency medical care.  The UVS Emergency and Critical Care service began seeing patients on December 16th and is open 24 hours, 7 days/week.  Critical Care Specialist, Dr. Danielle Berube, DACVECC, leads a team of four Emergency Clinicians (Drs. Ellen Scott, Jodi Novak, Melinda Payson and Nick Outterson, six Licensed Veterinary Technicians, three Veterinary Assistants and four additional Client Relations Specialists.


Constant patient monitoring

The view from above the central treatment area reveals the continual presence of emergency and treatment staff members. With the exception of hospital rounds–when the veterinarians brief each other on the patients they cared for during their shift (every morning from 7-9 am and every evening from 5-7 pm)–clients are welcome to visit their hospitalized pets. 


ICU Cages Increased cage-space

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) contains a variety of cage sizes to accommodate up to 64 patients. The layout ensures that the patients who are in need of constant supportive care and doctor or technician attention are never out of the medical staff’s sight.  In addition, over 30 more cages are stationed throughout the hospital.


 Oxygen cagesIntensive, Supportive and Specialty Care

Occasionally, patients in need of emergency or critical care also require oxygen therapy. UVS is able to provide this care for small and large animals with the addition of new oxygen cages.  The ICU and treatment areas are accessible to all specialists enabling the emergency clinicians to consult with specialists as needed.

For pet owners in need of emergency veterinary care, our hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If possible please call ahead (518-783-3198) so that we can best prepare for your visit and limit your wait time.

For our veterinary colleagues, our patient referral form and emergency direct transfer form can be found on our website.  The Emergency and Critical Care referral form also allows you to indicate your preferences regarding the patient’s continued care.  Options include calling your office to discuss your preferences, transferring the pet to a UVS specialty service if and when possible or  returning the patient to your office when stable enough to transport.  We look forward to continuing to provide specialty and emergency care when your patients need us.