Information for Pet Owners Referred to Upstate Veterinary Specialties for Specialty Care

We are a full service specialty referral practice and emergency hospital working with your primary care veterinarian to provide the best possible health care for your pets.  You were referred to our hospital by your primary care veterinarian for additional diagnostic testing, medical evaluation, and treatment by a specialist for your pet’s illness.

A specialist in veterinary medicine is a veterinarian that has dedicated years of additional training beyond the standard 4 year veterinary degree program. This training provides knowledge and expertise in a particular specialty.  This may involve specialized equipment, medication, or techniques not available at your primary care veterinary facility.  Specialization culminates in board certification, a process by which a veterinarian is rigorously tested and recognized by the governing body of that specialty.  Our specialists have obtained or are working toward board certification in their respective disciplines. Many of our technicians have also obtained or are working toward advanced certification in their specialties.

While specialization allows us to offer services that are not available at your primary care facility, your veterinarian knows you and your companion best.  For this reason we will work closely with them in providing the best possible care for your pet.  We communicate regularly with your veterinarian regarding test results, treatment plans, and progress of hospitalized patients.  Whenever possible, follow-up evaluations will be performed at your primary care veterinary facility.  We do not offer routine health care services (vaccinations, preventative medications, etc).

We understand that referral to a specialist can be stressful.  We offer compassionate, caring service to our patients and clients and will do whatever we can to help you understand your pet’s condition and the steps necessary to manage their illness.

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