Payment Options

A verbal or written estimate of services will be provided prior to hospitalization or procedure. In order to continue providing high-quality service utilizing the best medical technologies, we are unable to bill or offer payment plans for your visit.

Payment in full is expected at the time services are rendered. If you have concerns about the cost of care, we encourage an open discussion to help develop a more customized medical plan. If your pet requires hospitalization, a 50% deposit of the high end of the estimate will be required at the time of admission.

UVS accepts all major credit cards, cash, checks, PayPal, and Care Credit and scratchpay.

Online Payment

UVS accepts online payments via PayPal for a pet’s medical care when individuals are unable to make a payment in person. Please note that it may take up to 3 business days for your payment to post to our account.

UVS partners with scratchpay to provide you with simple transparent payment plans.  Scratchpay isn’t a credit card and checking your plan option will not affect your credit score.  Scratch pay offers affordable pet care to tens of thousands of pet parents. With instant approvals and plans as low as 0% APR, difficult financial decisions don’t have to be difficult. Click the icon below to find your plan now.

Pay with Scratchpay


UVS also works with Care Credit Veterinary Financing. From routine appointments to emergency situations or surgeries, the CareCredit card gives pet owners the peace of mind needed to care for pets big and small. Unlike traditional pet financing or veterinary payment plans, the CareCredit credit card gives you the flexibility to use your card again and again for your pet’s procedures.

Special financing options at CareCredit


Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance in some ways, but different in many others. One critical difference is that pet insurance companies will not discuss the terms of your policy with our hospital staff. This includes any exclusions within your policy and the contracted reimbursement you will receive. Please make sure that you understand all of the clauses in your policy before agreeing to any procedures at our hospital, as you may not be guaranteed reimbursement even if your insurance has provided reimbursement pre-authorization.

If you have pet insurance, we can assist in facilitating your claim.  Many pet insurance companies require a copy of the medical record, a doctor’s signature, and/or a paid invoice with your claim form.  Please bring your claim form at the time of your appointment/procedure or e-mail an electronic claim form to after you have completed your portion of the form.

Please be aware that most pet insurance policies reimburse the pet owner directly, NOT the hospital. You will need to provide your pet insurance company with a paid invoice in order to receive your reimbursement.

Other Financial Assistance Resources

Companion animal welfare organizations and veterinary professional organizations often provide links to other financial resources for veterinary medical care.

AVMAHumane SocietyASPCA