UVS' Angel Fund

The UVS Angel Fund is our charitable donations fund under the 501(C)3 Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF). The Veterinary Care Foundation is a charitable foundation that helps veterinary practices support or fund their discounted or no charge cases. One-hundred percent of the funds donated through the VCF are used directly by UVS’ Angel Fund.

UVS’ Angel Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to individuals whose pets are treated at Upstate Veterinary Specialties for tragic events* leading to life-threatening health ailments or injuries.

* Tragic Events are defined as: pets harmed or displaced due to natural disaster (weather, fire etc.); care for police and/or fire service animals; assistance to pet owners in financial hardship; providing support to families in crisis, or funding for Good Samaritan cases.

For questions, please contact our Public Relations Specialist, Kimberly Brisk.


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