Veterinary Students

Externships At Upstate Veterinary Specialties

Upstate Veterinary Specialties (UVS) is pleased to offer a veterinary student externship program to third and fourth-year veterinary students who are in good academic standing at an AVMA-accredited veterinary program. As a teaching hospital, students may elect one or more 2-week clinical rotations through our services.

The UVS veterinary student externship aims to supplement your veterinary education by providing comprehensive exposure to core veterinary services in a busy multi-disciplinary specialty referral hospital. While New York State law does not allow students to treat our patients, our program will provide a broad educational experience through observational learning. Students are encouraged to shadow our clinicians, interact with our clients, learn from our experienced technicians, participate in medical rounds, attend continuing education lectures, and much more.


Program Details

Externships are scheduled in two-week blocks, 40 hours per week. Students may elect subsequent two-week blocks on the same service or different services. Students should contact Human Resources to confirm specific service availability.

There are no fees associated with participating in our externship program. However, students are responsible for all personal arrangements and expenses related to their visits.

Proof of a rabies vaccination or titer within the past three years from the date of your visit is required.

The services of Upstate Veterinary Specialties are as follows:

  • Cardiology – Monday through Friday
  • Dermatology – Tuesday through Friday
  • Emergency and Critical Care – 24/7
  • Internal Medicine – Monday through Friday
  • Management and Administration – Monday through Friday
  • Neurology – Monday through Friday
  • Oncology – Tuesday through Friday
  • Rehabilitation – Tuesday through Thursday
  • Surgery – Monday through Friday
  • Urgent Care – Seven days a week

Currently, radiology is not offering clinical rotations.

Apply by completing our externship application and submitting a copy of your CV.

For additional information, please contact our Human Resources team at