UVS Donates to Hurricane Harvey Animals

UVS teamed up with others in the Capital District to send donations down to Texas for the animal victims of Hurricane Harvey. All donations will be sent to Dallas DogRRR to be distributed to those in need.

Their sister rescue, Tall Tails Animal Rescue in Houston was hit hard during the storm and lost everything. With the storm and opening of the damns, Tall Tails received roughly four feet of water in less than 48 hours. With help from all directions, over 140 animals were evacuated by boat and brought to Dallas.  They managed to get all the animals out safely, but their building, vehicles, and all kennel assets were destroyed. Updates from Dallas DogRRR have told us that all the rescued animals were placed with other rescue organizations and fosters in the meantime.   Now, more than ever they need all the supplies they can get to take care of the animals.

The team at UVS quickly stepped into action and prepared nine boxes to be shipped down; each full of food, blankets, towels, bowls, collars, leashes and more for all the animals in need. We are so proud of the support from our team! In just under two weeks our staff donated dozens of items to help the animals who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

You can help too! Tall Tails Rescue has set up a donations site online. Due to the severe amount of water damage, their rescue will need to be relocated and built from the ground up. Click here to learn more and donate today!