Upstate Veterinary Specialties September 17, 2016 Veterinarian and Veterinary Technician Continuing Education Lecture Day

2016 Continuing Education Lecture SeriesUpstate Veterinary Specialties is excited to announce its Continuing Education program on September 17, 2016.  The event will be an opportunity for our specialty veterinarians and technicians to share the knowledge that they developed through formal training and clinical experience.

UVS has provided educational events in the past for local veterinarians and has now expanded the scope of the day to include a second lecture “track” for veterinary technicians. The 2016 UVS Continuing Education Lecture day will feature lectures designed for veterinarians and a separate series of presentations for veterinary technicians.

The UVS doctors and technicians look forward to meeting, interacting with and exchanging ideas with the general practice staff throughout the Lecture day!


Veterinarian Lectures

Veterinarian Lectures
Ophthalmology Dr. Christa Corbett, DVM, MS, DACVO “Ocular Manifestation of Systemic Disease in Dogs”
Cardiology Dr. Agnieszka Kent, DVM, DACVIM “What’s New with Pimobendan? Current Research and Treatment Recommendations”
Emergency/Critical Care Dr. Danielle Berube, DVM, DACVECC “Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation and the RECOVER Initiative”
Surgery Dr. Maxwell Bush, VMD “Paradigms in Wound Management: New Technologies and Materials for Treatment of Complex Wounds”

Technician Lectures

Technician Lectures
Cardiology Michelle St. John, LVT, VTS “ABC’s of ECG’s: A technician’s guide to obtaining and understanding ECG’s”
Surgery Ashley Braman, LVT and Brittany Weeden, LVT “Maintaining Sterility during a Surgical Procedure: How to create and maintain a sterile surgical field”
Ophthalmology Katee Murphy, LVT and Mark Nipper, LVT “Ophthalmology 101: The Technician’s Role in an Ophthalmic Exam”
Emergency/Critical Care Dr. Danielle Berube, DVM, DACVECC “Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation and the RECOVER Initiative: A Technician’s Role”


Registration information for veterinarians and veterinary technicians is available on the UVS Website.