I Will Have A Special Place In My Heart For Her Forever

I want to express my gratitude and affection for each member of the Upstate Veterinary Specialties Staff.

My beloved dog “Bella” came to you for treatment and eventually release from her pain. Each and every person took their time with both of us and where caring and compassionate to a level I have yet to experience in my own healthcare. Even if the day brought bad news, I felt secure in the knowledge the Doctor or Tech or even Receptionist cared about “Bella” and I. And when the day came for “Bella” to find peace, well Dr. Arnold was exceptional with her care of both of us. Dr. Arnold really understood “Bella” was my world and my child and showed such sensitivity and skill, I will have a special place in my heart for her forever. She was even caring towards “Bella” after she passed. What would have been the absolute worst moments of my life, turned into a peaceful good-bye for now for my Big Love, and that was because of all of you.

I am disabled and “Bella” and I have not even been separated 14 days in the 8 years I have had the honor of her love. So life now is very difficult, but, I can rest knowing, everything that could be done, was, and the right decisions happened at the right time and in the care of the right hands.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.