“Now we are caring for our boy and giving him lots of love as long as we can.”

My husband I took our dog Ralph here last week after our normal vet suggested his issues with balance, head tilt, and change in behavior was associated with neurological problems. After trying Cornell first (which is a bit closer to where we life) we were told we would have to wait 7 weeks. We then contacted Upstate and got an appointment 2 days later. We met with Dr. Bishop who was very warm and pleasant and just loved our dog. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything he did from start to finish. He recommended an MRI which he was able to get in the same day as we traveled a couple hours to get there. After the MRI the results were gone over with us in great detail. We got unfortunate news that our dog has a tumor that was unable to be surgically removed with very few options and no cure, but the news was given with great care and compassion. Although my husband and I are devastated about the news on our dog, we are happy we got answers on his change in behavior. Dr. Bishop contacted me the next day with a full write up on his findings, talk over the next step, and told me he would be available for anything we needed as he was now Ralph’s doctor forever, which brought me great comfort and made me feel like we had a true connection. Now we are caring for our boy and giving him lots of love as long as we can. This facility is amazing.

Ralph S.