Outstanding Experience

“My experience with UVS was outstanding! From scheduling Dee Dee’s surgical consultation; to pre-op instructions, intake, and discharge; to her actual surgery. I appreciated the professionalism and compassion in all exchanges with UVS.

Your staff made me smile and laugh and were able to turn a typically stressful situation into one that was a bit more manageable. This solidified my decision that choosing UVS for Dee Dee’s surgery was the right one.

When I had my consultation with Dr. Bush, he addressed my concerns quickly and with confidence. He answered my questions about the procedure in great detail and in a way that I could understand. His expertise and confidence in selecting the right procedure for Dee Dee blew me away; I knew she was in great hands!

When checking Dee Dee in with the technician, Diane, I was put at ease with her knowledge, professionalism, and confidence. I left UVS feeling so much better about sending Dee Dee into a major orthopedic procedure.

The communication from your team is truly “gold-star” and proved to me you are great organization of professionals. It was important to me to share that the staff and doctors at UVS are pretty special folks. It is evident to me that they love what they do and are exceptional at it.” – Toni P.