Fantastic, Caring, Respectful, and Very Informative

For a couple of months my regular vet (the fantastic Dr Tucker at Round Top Animal Hospital in Germantown, NY) and I tried to figure out what was causing my ten year old cat to hide but show no other symptoms of injury or illness. When he started walking strangely and nothing showed up on an xray, she referred us to Dr Bishop suspecting it was a neurological problem. Dr Bishop and his staff did an MRI and found two large, distinct masses in his brain, one of them inoperable.

Dr Bishop and the technician I spent quite a bit of time talking to were fantastic, caring, respectful, and very informative. I felt under no pressure to choose any particular set of tests, or, after the MRI, any particular treatment, and I felt very well-informed about my cat’s condition and the (very limited) options available. They took very good care of my cat while he was there, and kept me very promptly up-to-date with his ability to undergo anesthesia and then once the MRI was complete.

Despite a very grim prognosis, there’s always a little bit of comfort in knowing what’s going on, even if one can’t do anything about it. It gave us the opportunity to have some final quality time with our cat before the end, and make sure that end was full of as much love as he gave us for ten years.

I can’t recommend Dr Bishop and his staff enough.