Essential to the overall experience…is the compassionate yet clear communication between doctors and family members

"Banner" and his Viszla siblingsDear Dr. Wey:

Once again, I am in your debt and that of the entire staff of Upstate Veterinary Specialties.

From the moment we brought “Banner” in to emergency, Dr. Outterson worked calmly, gently and thoroughly to diagnose the problem as a bladder stone. Of course, “Banner” presents “differently” to someone who doesn’t know his history so listening to our input and using every resource available to gather information quickly was critical.  The next morning, Dr. Bishop ruled out changes in “Banner’s” neurological status (the diagnosis I most feared).  By the end of the first full day, the team had a plan in place – to treat “Banner” medically until Dr. Besancon’s return…

…Essential to the overall experience, and the experience of a critically ill, beloved member of the family is never easy—is the compassionate yet clear communication between doctors and family members.

During his stay at UVS, “Banner” also came under the care of the critical care team – Dr. Berube, Dr. Novak, and Dr. Scott, in particular, with whom I had the most interaction and who oversaw “Banner’s” discharge. She took exceptional care of “Banner” while he was hospitalized and was equally skilled in communicating with me during that stay – even at 3 a.m.

I conclude once again by expressing my deepest gratitude to all the doctors, techs and staff of UVS who have always treated me and my Vizslas “Banner”, “Breeze” and “Solo” as part of their extended family.


Diane B.