Caring & Supportive Staff

“In April our German Shepherd “Harley” was brought into UVS after being referred by our vet in an emergency situation. Harley had a cervical disc injury, one of which punctured his spine. He was paraplegic when we brought him in. From the moment we arrived, we were met at the door by the staff with a stretcher and immediately took him inside and comforted our dog and us.

We were met by Dr. Todd Bishop who after an exam of Harley sent him for an MRI. He explained that his injury was very bad and we had to make a decision as to surgery with no full guarantee of him being able to walk again. Dr. Bishop clearly went through the MRI findings so we understood fully where we were at. He did so with such compassion and true commitment to getting him through this surgery. Dr. Bishop was optimistic that Harley would walk with a lot of therapy which we did at home. He was in contact with us during Harley’s 4 month recovery in which we sent videos of his progress during home therapy making sure we understood fully what to do at home and watching his progression.

On Aug 17th we saw Dr. Bishop for Harley’s final visit and was told he was doing fine and improved so well walking again in this amount of time, Harley had progressed more than he hoped for. All during this period the staff and caregivers were so supportive and patient with us and our many questions and visits . We feel Dr. Bishop with his surgical skills, total commitment, and true caring saved the life of our best friend and gave him a second chance. And for that we are truly grateful. Thank you everyone at UVS!” – Rick and Sandra