Upstate Vet. Specialties an Official Sponsor of Continuing Education for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians

NYSED for Veterinarians and Veterinary TechniciansOn March 31, 2015, Upstate Veterinary Specialties was approved as a sponsor of continuing education for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians by the New York State Education Department. This certification acknowledges UVS as a provider of high quality continuing education opportunities for veterinarians and technicians.

Within New York State, veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians are required to complete mandatory continuing education hours to maintain their licenses. As an official recognized provider of continuing education opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary technicians, Upstate Veterinary Specialties is one of only a handful of approved veterinary medicine continuing education sponsors in the Capital Region of Upstate NY.

For a number of years, UVS has hosted a variety of continuing education lectures, providing pertinent, up-to-date medical information to referring veterinarians in the community. These educational sessions cover topics ranging from cataracts, allergies and cardiovascular conditions in pets to veterinary rehabilitation and cancer treatments. Taught by UVS’s specialists, Upstate Veterinary Specialties’ continuing education lecture days are great opportunities for veterinarians and technicians to learn, network and complete their required continuing education hours.

In addition to providing high quality specialty care to pets, Upstate Veterinary Specialties is proud to contribute to the continuing education of veterinarians and technicians. Check out the Continuing Education page on our website for information about past and upcoming continuing education opportunities provided by UVS.