September Progress Report: Construction is on-target for new UVS Hospital

Sept 18 Front editSummer is now behind us and construction moves forward for Upstate Veterinary Specialties’ new hospital at 152 Sparrowbush Road in Latham, NY. As a result of cooperative weather and the expertise of the builder and sub-contractors, progress on the new hospital is running on-schedule. Upstate Veterinary Specialties still plans to occupy the new hospital in mid-December 2015.


Sept 18 Rear EditViewing the hospital’s entrance, the vista is worlds apart from the appearance of an active construction site which could be observed just weeks ago. The western side of the building facing the Northway still has visible plywood on the exterior wall, and the framework for a future terrace extending from the staff breakroom is visible. Windows continue to be installed along the periphery of the building and will soon include the large, circular feature window above the main entrance and foyer.


The second floor office spaces for doctors and administrative employees continue to progress ahead of the other areas of hospital in terms of proximity to the finish line. The skeletal, wood framing has transformed into the solid, sheet-rocked walls of six smaller private offices and a conference room for small group meetings. Larger, shared office spaces on the second floor will be outfitted with cubicles for the doctors to utilize while reviewing patient records, communicating with pet owners and writing medical reports.


Sept 18 Treatment area editThroughout the first floor, drywall now obscures the view of the various mechanical, electrical and data systems which had been visible mere weeks ago. The HVAC units on the hospital’s roof and ductwork is in place through-out the building will provide variable air-flow rates according to the needs of the rooms. The plumbing work is in place for sinks, restrooms and overhead sprinklers. Electrical and data cabling which existed as bundles of multicolored computer and telephone wire a few weeks ago has been channeled to the appropriate areas. The installation of Cat 6 data wire was chosen to enable fast and reliable communication for desktop computers and advanced diagnostic equipment such as MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound.


With the hospital’s framework and structure nearing completion, construction is moving more toward an interior focus. During the upcoming weeks, the installation of cabinetry and lighting will enable future sharing of interior pictures. Be sure to check for more updates at