July Construction Update at the New Hospital Site — 152 Sparrowbush Road

UVS building construction progress, July 2015 Favorable summer weather has meant continued progress at Upstate Veterinary Specialties’ new hospital at 152 Sparrowbush Road. The shingles on the roof, siding and stone façade accents are visible from the exterior. Inside the building, there are many developments as well. Rooms continue to take shape, which are intended to enable the doctors and staff of UVS to offer even more options for specialty veterinary care for the area’s pets.

At UVS’ new hospital, the Internal Medicine service will have the ability to provide radioactive iodine therapy. This UVS building construction progress, July 2015additional treatment option for some cats who suffer from hyperthyroidism will expand the locally available therapeutic choices. A dedicated treatment room for these patients and specialized training for staff is necessary to provide this treatment safely.

Plans to accommodate the unique needs of cats was not overlooked in developing more cat-friendly or dedicated spaces for our feline patients. A busy waiting area with many canine patients and bustling movements can be stressful for cats in an unfamiliar setting. This can be even more problematic for cats who are not feeling well to begin with. Sections of the reception area and specific cat-wards will provide for a less frightening environment for cats at UVS.

A smaller, dedicated exercise area is being developed for patients who come to UVS with contagious conditions. In addition to the exercise area specifically for those with infectious diseases, an isolation ward will shield other patients from communicable diseases. These patients require constant monitoring, and the intensive care unit within the core of the new building will have unimpeded access and view of the isolation ward.

Be sure to check our blog for future updates on the developments at UVS’ new home on Sparrowbush Road. We are slated to open our doors at the new hospital in December 2015, and we look forward to continuing to provide advanced veterinary care for pets in the Capital District and beyond.