Angel Fund Story: Tiffany’s Emergent Pyometra Diagnosis

Meet 7-year-old Tiffany the Pug! Tiffany was a recent patient at UVS through our emergency service. Her family was concerned that she had a decreased appetite and was lethargic for several days and now had a purulent discharge from her vulva. After the emergency room staff examined her and ran diagnostics, it was determined that she was suffering from a life-threatening illness called a pyometra and needed emergency surgery.

A pyometra is when the uterus of an intact female dog or cat becomes infected with bacteria and filled with pus. The exact cause is not entirely understood, but hormone fluctuations and age increase the risk. Symptoms can include general malaise, increased thirst and urination, decreased appetite, and sometimes a vaginal discharge.

The speed of diagnosis is imperative. A complete medical history, including the date of the last heat cycle, in-depth physical exam, blood screening, and an abdominal ultrasound, will aid in the diagnosis. Surgery must be performed as soon as the patient is stable and comprises of a full ovariohysterectomy. Recovery includes hospitalization with fluid therapy, pain relief medications, and intravenous antibiotics. A full recovery can be expected if treated early enough, with at-home care lasting around ten days before resuming normal activity.

Tiffany was discharged two days after her surgery, and her follow-up updates have all been great!

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