Angel Fund Story: Bubba’s Surgery Saves Eye Sight

This sweet boy, named Bubba, was unfortunately caught in a house fire two weeks ago. He suffered severe burns to his front paws and head and experienced melting ulcers (rapid destruction of the corneas) from the smoke damage. Dr. Corbett examined Bubba and prescribed drops to encourage healing. Bubba had a recheck visit with us yesterday, and unfortunately, his condition worsened despite medications. We knew we had to keep working to help save Bubba’s eyes. Dr. Corbett recommended a conjunctival graft surgery for both eyes. This procedure would relocate a portion of Bubba’s conjunctival tissue to cover the corneal ulcer and hopefully save his vision. Bubba was approved for full funding from the UVS Angel Fund to cover his surgery costs to save his sight. We’re happy to say Bubba’s surgery went well! At Bubba’s two-week post-surgery check-up, his eye exam showed excellent healing, and although his eyes are still red, he has good vision and, even more important, no pain. Bubba has one more recheck with Dr. Corbett in mid-December and we’re expecting him to make a full recovery.

The UVS Angel Fund is our charitable donations fund that helps provide clients financial assistance during hard times. We’re so thankful for everyone who has donated to our Angel Fund and helped save pet’s lives.

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