Stella Rue’s chemotherapy “graduation” ceremony at UVS

It’s not everyday that people go above and beyond. Yesterday Dr. Arnold and her team did just that. For the last 25 weeks Dr. Arnold and amazing staff provided exceptional care to my four year old lab, Stella, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in April. Yesterday was her last chemo treatment, and what they did to celebrate her success was simply beautiful and meant so much to our family. The expert medical care that they provided to her has put her cancer into remission. I know that the extra love they put into that care will be the reason she stays healthy for years to come. Thank you Dr. Arnold and your team, especially Stella’s favorite tech Johanna, for saving our girl and for recognizing that to us Stella isn’t “just a dog” but rather a member of our family.

Click here to watch a brief video of “Stella Rue’s” Chemotherapy Graduation Ceremony at UVS

stella-rue-diploma"Stella Rue" Graduation Ceremony