She now runs faster then we can walk and truly enjoys life with no pain!!!

Thank you Upstate Veterinary Specialties, especially Dr. Corbett and her team!! We first met Dr. Corbett back in early July with our newly rescued blind Blue Nose pitty. Our Vet recommended Dr. Corbett as a 2nd opinion for Angel’s blindness. Dr. Corbett examined Angel and determined that she had 2nd glaucoma and the only option would be removal of both eyes, yuck!! My husband and I both have an agreement!! Failure is not an option and we always do the right thing first!! Two weeks ago Dr. Corbett and her team removed both of Angel’s eyes. Today Angel’s staples were removed and she is great! Her recovery from surgery was a piece of cake!! Angel is a 7 month rescued pitty from NH, her best friend is our 7 yr old pitty Stella who is her seeing eye dog. Angel walks every day off leash at least a mile a day, she plays with her favorite toys and plays fetch just like every other sighted dog. We believe now that with the removal of both eyes Angel’s other senses have kicked in. She now runs faster than we can walk and truly enjoys life with no pain!!!

xxoo to Dr. Corbett and her fabulous team!!

Angel W. pain-free