Care is Above and Beyond

“On 6/16/2020 Dr. Corbett performed surgery on our sweet Elsa. Elsa was blind in her left eye and had been seeing Dr. Corbett for several years. Suddenly Elsa developed a severe infection in that eye with swelling. Dr. Corbett first treated the infection and swelling and for Elsa’s long term health determined the eye needed to be removed. There was another important concern though; Elsa did not tolerate anesthesia well. After consultation with Dr. Bishop, they came up with a plan. Dr. Corbett proceeded with the surgery, and much to our relief let us know that the surgery went well and that Elsa was groggy but alert! That was wonderful news for us! Dr. Corbett held Elsa until around 5:30 PM monitoring her condition and keeping us informed of how she was doing, as I was waiting for her in the parking lot.

Dr. Corbett, in our opinion, really went above and beyond in her successful care of our Elsa. Her professional skills are amazing and her genuine caring for our baby has forever endeared her to us. She is one amazing Doctor! She also cares for another one of our babies, Titus, who is totally blind. She shows him the same caring and love that she does to our Elsa. We are so grateful to Dr. Corbett and her entire staff and are thankful that they are there for us.” – Paul and Laraine L.