Peter Striegel, BVetMed, Emergency Medicine Mentorship Program

Specialty: 24-Hour Emergency

Dr. Striegel attended University of Vermont for his undergraduate degree in Animal Science. He received his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from Royal Veterinary College – University of London in London, UK, in 2024. A Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVetMed) is the equivalent of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from an accredited US college or university. Peter joined UVS’s Emergency Medicine Mentorship Program (EMMP) in July 2024, where he’ll receive a full complement of educational experiences curated by our highly skilled veterinary specialists and experienced emergency medicine clinicians. Peter enjoys the outdoors – you can find him regularly mountain biking, hiking, skiing, or swimming. He and his wife have a golden retriever, a cat, and chickens.