Additional Emergency Resources

The demand for veterinary emergency services is at an all-time high. To provide our community with the best care, we’ve partnered with professional veterinary services to assist our caseload. We encourage pet owners to review these additional resources for urgent or emergency services before visiting our hospital.


Vet Triage

We’ve partnered with Vet Triage, a pre-screening process to determine if your pet needs our emergency services. A quick phone call through VetTriage could save you a visit to our emergency room.

– Licensed veterinarians on standby 24/7 to triage your pet over the phone.
– Live conversation to determine if your pet can be monitored at home until your primary care veterinary is available.
– Direct coordination with our team if your pet needs emergency care.

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We’ve partnered with Vetster, an on-demand veterinary telemedicine service. Veterinary telemedicine is a great alternative for those caught in an urgent situation.

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Disclaimer: Upstate Veterinary Specialties is not liable for medical advice provided through VetTriage’s or Vetster’s professional team of licensed veterinarians.